DISA TYP FS 722/ 3.0 /420/



Manufacturer: Disa

Year of manufacture: 2004

Emission stage:

Price: Price on request

Condition: (3)

Dedusting Unit for sale
Dedusting unit DISA TYP FS 722/ 3.0 /420/
Construction year: 2004
Technical specification:
Existing raw gas channel
Dedusting Unit:
DISA TYP FS 722/ 3.0 /420
Exhaust capacity 62.000 m³/h i. B
Clean gas channel
Exhaust fan with drive 80 KW
Chimney length ~ 20m
Electrical cabinet for the dedusting unit (without control modules)
The technical documentations incl. drawings are on site available

Not included in the sales volume:
Conveyer screws

General Information:
The dedusting unit is currently still in operation and can be visited after consulation with the operations manager. The dismantling is scheduled to start in January 2023.
Plant location: Schrems/ Austria

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Robert Ertl
Phone: +43 7232 29944
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